Thursday, 22 July 2010

Day Eight

The day began with me sitting on a bench on Fargate ON MY OWN drawing Sheffield onto a broken mirror with an OHP pen. No wonder people gave me strange looks. Anyway, at about 11'0'clock I met the gang back at the peace gardens and we proceeded (rather slowly, we had cameras and the task of capturing ‘Hidden Sheffield’ for a photo competition...) to Bank Street Arts, an arts centre which housed galleries and creative studios.

Bank Street was really interesting as we saw work by taxidermist Susannah Gent, which included a video of her skinning a fox, a dead badger with a glass bowl in its stomach, and a variety of other dead animal sculptures. As a vegetarian, it wasn't particularly my cup of tea, but it was still interesting. After this, I did my interview (see part C) with photographer Jacqui Bellamy, who was really lovely throughout and keen to answer all my questions. I then went with her and some other people from the SYAS to The Riverside where Jacqui had some of her photos from her 'Latrino Gals' series exhibited there.

That was a good visit as on the way down Jacqui talked about what her job is all about, festivals she's involved in and also how I can get involved in that area at a young age. She was really helpful in giving me an insight into how to get started. After this, we went back to Bank Street and a woman called Cassie showed us her studio where she does vinyl printing. Which was very interesting. All round a good day!

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