Friday, 23 July 2010

Part B

For my part B (being an audience member at an art event/experience) I chose Archipelago Gallery as my place to visit as I’m particularly interested in print based art and the process of silk-screening really interests me (and they have a silk screen printing workshop area!). On arrival, the gallery didn't look the part- a run down courtyard with black and red painted brick and wood, but upon entry it definitely was. gallery had a really lovely, old school, industrial feel. The kind of gallery I like.

On display there was work by Kid Acne and phlegm, local artists I really admire. With prints all over the walls of different colours and artists, Archipelago Gallery was certainly eye catching. I thoroughly enjoyed the visit, There are several rooms you can wonder around a bit like a house. There’s one room where they do changing exhibitions which I like is a great idea for keeping things fresh.

The founder of Archipelago Rupert Wood kindly gave us a tour of the different rooms and the print studio. It was fascinating to see how silk screen prints were made and framed. Basically there is a print maker who works for Rupert who will silk screen print up pieces of work from particular artists. The gallery will then sell the prints as limited additions. Like 1 of 100. Which makes them still quite original. Unlike just printing from a normal printer, silk screen is a long and skilled process and you see it in the finished work.

The only thing I wish was different was the amount of space there was for the work. But it was friendly and cosy. Overall it was an inspiring visit, very captivating, very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable.

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