Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Day Two

Being bossy and photography. Two things I extremely enjoy. Especially the first one. Which is why today particularly interested me as we got to take pictures of the person we were paired up in the interview with, which involved a lot of the previous. After this, we were sent off with video cameras and told to film the ‘passing of time’, which was good fun as we basically just filmed anything that moved, but using tripods (static shots) and got to mess about with a camera, and I do love cameras.

Later on, a film producer of short films called Rob Speranza came to visit us and talk about his work, which was interesting as we found out he was originally from New York (he had a really nice accent…) but moved to Sheffield and set up the SYFN (South Yorkshire Filmmakers Network) with some other people interested in the same field. He showed us one of his short films, which was really well put together. Also, another filmmaker called Richard Bolam came in and showed us some of his short films of places around Sheffield, which used time lapse filming. These were really interesting as they were an alternative to normal speed clips. We also went down into the gallery where there was an exhibition by a woman called Haris Epaminonda, which was interesting as she also uses film in her work. I really liked what she did as it was strange, but definitely created a lasting atmosphere. Bring on day three!

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