Thursday, 22 July 2010

Part C

My interview:
Jacqui Bellamy is a Sheffield based photographer who has worked for the high profile club night, Razor Stiletto. She is free lance (which means she works for herself) and has been involved in a range of different photography projects that often involve events and local people. Her work really interests me as she has her own solo project, Latrino Gals, where girls pose in toilet cubicles. It's really unique and individual. She has also worked on television with such programmes as Summer Wine, League of Gentlemen and Foyle's War. I asked her if I could interview her as I have a huge interest in photography and I love her work. I researched Jacqui on the web and also thought about the questions I wanted to ask that would help me with my project and for thinking about a photography career in the future.

At first I was nervous about interviewing someone who had photographed bands such as Muse, but as soon as she started talking Jacqui put me at ease. She was confident, bubbly, and funny, and was happy to answer all of my questions the best she could. I found her answers really interesting, and she gave a genuinely helpful out look into the world of photography. She was also keen to help me learn new skills, and offered to let me shadow her at some of the festivals she works at.

The questions I asked were;
-I read online that you started out as a hairdresser, what made you change your career path to become a photographer?
-As part of your job as a photographer, you shoot live bands, what live bands have you photographed and what kind of music interests you?
-What locations has your work taken you to?
-How did you get involved with the Razor Stiletto club night and what interests you about it?
-I love your solo project, Latrino Gals, and it's obvious you've met some quite interesting people. What is the most bizarre experience you've had doing that project?
-Why did you decide to use toilet cubicles as your location and is there any symbolism there?
-As a free lance photographer, how do you get work, and what range of work do you do?
-What training do you have in photography or are you self taught?
You do a lot of social photography, what skills and qualities what you say make a good social photographer?
-What advice would you give young photographers looking to make something of themselves in that area?
-Out of all the projects you've been involved in, which would you say has interested you the most?
-Looking at websites online, you've done a lot of different styles of photography. Which is your favourite to do and why?
-Are there any people that have stood out to you throughout your creative career and why? Who is the weirdest person you have met?
Do you have any favourite photographers or photographs and what or who are they?!
Do you have any goals for the future with your photography?

My interview:

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