Thursday, 22 July 2010

Part D

You can view it here:

For my part D, I chose a project which incorporated social photography and digital image editing. Earlier on in the apprenticeship we did some studio photography work and I really enjoyed that and thought it would benefit me. We also practiced furthering our image based skills on Photoshop. I liked both of these activities and wanted to combine them for my final project. I also realised from the studio work that I love portraiture.

To theme my project in the area of portraiture, I asking people (some I knew, some I didn’t!) to think of three words which described them as a person, and then pull those expressions. Afterwards, I looked at the pictures in Photoshop and decided which half of the face had the best expression. I then took this side, flipped it, and put it where the other half had been.

The outcome was really interesting as some of the pictures looked like they hadn't been edited, but some looked really strange. It also showed how people express themselves, and how some people are more confident than others in showing different sides of themselves. It demonstrated how some people who have quite closed personalities to strangers might describe themselves as funny or confident, which is ironic because in reality they are not all the time.

I really enjoyed doing this project and the huge amount of work I produced and edited! You can view it here:

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