Monday, 19 July 2010

Day Six

Week two; day one. Arrived this morning a couple of minutes early, thinking 'Oh I'll be the first one in.' This was not the case. I was actually second to last. So started the morning slightly late. It didn't matter, we were just sorting out our blogs and such until about 10:30 when we went to Yorkshire Art Space down the road. That was interesting, we got to see the artists' studios and how they work in there, and we looked at a ceramics exhibition by Emilie Taylor, which was in the lobby. That was really interesting as I thoroughly enjoyed her work, despite it not being what I might normally choose. She did pottery, like made big vases but painted with tower blocks and caravans. We then went up to her studio, and met her dog, (which seemed to take a shine to me...) and looked at the new work she's doing involving people. That was interesting as well as we got to see the environment in which she creates her artwork. After that, back at the gallery another Emily (Foster) also a Site Young apprentice but doing other projects, showed us her photography work back in the studio. I really enjoyed her work, I thought it was well composed and interesting. Also, Emily seemed really lovely herself :). Today we also got started on our part D projects for the arts award.

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